Jacks Fish Spot Menu

After 30 years at Seattle’s Pike Street Market, Jack’s Fish Spot is not an insider’s secret any more.

Jack’s Fish Spot at Pike Street Market is a perfect combo of old-style fish market and an English fried fish, malt vinegar, chips, soup and more kind of joint. It’s the kind of place where locals, foodies, and bloggers go for a special treat.

Jack’s Fish Spot is the talk of the Travel Channel, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon and more.

Drop by and you will be surprised by the number of people lined up to grab one of the 10 tiny seats at the stainless steel counter for some of Jack’s fried fare. Or maybe just dropping by to pick up some fresh salmon, halibut, cod, or shellfish to take home. Jack’s Fish Spot is a place where workers coming off the boats, dockworkers, and chefs from restaurants in the area come to grab a quick lunch or dinner.

You can do no better than a reasonably-priced steaming savory clam chowder or fish-filled Cioppino. Or stop by for the special of the house, beer-battered crispy halibut, cod, or oysters and chopped garlic hand-cut fries.

The best deal is the fresh, fat, salty Quilcene Oysters plucked from the clear, pristine waters of Hood Canal, Washington.

Jacks Fish Spot Menu ArtThis is one of the last places in Seattle where you can drop by and get a rack of oysters at a decent price, shucked right in front of you, and dropped into your waiting hands with a bit of horseradish, a slice of lemon, and a little hot sauce.

Once you take a bite you’ll know you have come to the right place. No fork needed, just slurp them up and ask for more. Or order some on this website and we will ship them to you overnight.

Want the same at home?

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