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The Fix…



I cannot and will not try to elaborate any further on what my Urbanspoon friend, Taste, has written about this place. Sufficeth to know that my oyster fix on this trip to Seattle was deliciously served by Jack’s. Reasonably priced; a perfect portion; and melt in my unworthy mouth–with those fresh hand-cut fries and malt vinegar/salt. Thanks, Taste. There are only a bazillion choices in the Emerald City, and probably every one of them is better than in my Fort Apache…

Crab Cocktail



So fresh, delicious. It’s all I wanted to eat while I was in Seattle.

Eating & Dining


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A Craving for Cioppino

Wandering in Pike Place Market on a Saturday afternoon photo safari, I needed something quick and savory to warm up with. The weather was supposed to be 50-ish and sunny, but it was 40-ish and foggy. But a $3.95 cup of Cioppino, the Italian fish stew via San Francisco, at Jack’s Fish Spot hit the mark. The market was relatively crowded with the touristas, even for a winter’s day. But there was no line to order at Jack’s.

The youngblood who scooped up my bowl made sure there were plenty of clams and mussels in the broth. He also told me about his prior night as a vendor at Key Arena where he saw Muse. He said it was quite impressive and excellent. Now that’s a lagniappe of service I enjoy, a tidbit of info beyond the food.

Back to that Cioppino … it was peppery and spicy, indeed. And it was packed with clams and mussels. It was a perfect tomato-based warmer. With a packet of oyster crackers on top, it was a fine kettle of fish I got myself into (or a part thereof, as it were).

As I Live It


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Most people in the Pacific Northwest knows that the Pike Place Market in Seattle is busy all year round. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, the market is bustling with tourists and locals. The best thing about visiting Pike Market in the winter is that you can actually find a seat at Jack’s Fish Spot. Mary and I were craving fresh seafood and so we decided to feast at Jack’s Fish Spot.

Clam Chowder – Cold rainy weather calls for warm creamy soup. The clam chowder was smooth and tasty. There could have been some more clams in the soup but overall this was a good starter. Mussel and Clam Steamer – If you don’t know me by now, I love my shellfish. And these clams and mussels did not disappoint. The clams and mussels were fresh and juicy, simply steamed, and accompanied with melted butter for dipping. Steamed Live Dungeness Crab – Mary’s favourite – crab. She basically devoured this whole thing herself and she was immensely pleased with the freshness of the crab. Deep Fried Trout – A daily special – a fresh deep-fried trout served with tartar sauce and fresh lemons.

Cod Fish and Chips (dish review)



Jack’s cod is as fresh as can be and the batter is nearly perfect.

Seattle Weekly


Best Fresh Seafood Counter – 2012 Winner What makes Jack’s Fish Spot the best is the combination of fresh, reasonably priced seafood.



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Nelson @ Seattle: Pike Market is one of the largest public markets in the US. They have a wide variety of foods to buy with a lot of fresh seafood and good coffee (original Starbucks started here). We had to have the obligatory oysters, which we ordered from Jack’s Fish Spot. These are Quilcene oysters, which I believe is a local variety.

Surprisingly good



This no-nonsense place is becoming one of my favorite spots in the market.  Until you actually sit, the seating appears to be confusing.  The staff is always friendly and the food couldn’t be fresher.  For a couple dollars more than the other fish joints, I find the quality and experience to rival any other joint in the market and the fried oysters, as well as the steamed clams and mussels cannot be beat.


Best Oysters in the Market – If your idea of a good meal includes a white tablecloth then you will definitely want to avoid Jack’s. I you are looking for a good meal of fried fish, clams or oysters then you will want to stop here. It is my 1st choice for lunch in the market. Yes they are greasy, but isn’t that why we eat them? I come here mostly for the oysters.

The place has better atmosphere/character than any Tom Douglas restaurant, because it’s authentic. Not too many places where you can watch fresh fish being sold while you eat your meal.

The stools aren’t comfortable, but it’s not a place where you linger over your meal. Also you never know who you may end up sitting next to, but isn’t that one of the reasons for visiting the market.

It is one of the few places where you can get fresh uncooked crab. I usually buy my fish someplace else, but that is only because I know the guys there.



Fried, steamed or stewed–the freshest catch makes for a habit-forming lunch. – In Short Jack Mathers weighs salmon and tends to matters at his bustling fish stall, while his merry men shuck oysters and purvey fresh shellfish and Pike Place Pale Ale-battered fish at a no-nonsense counter that captures the soul of the market. Tourists and Seattleites alike slurp bowls of Cioppino, suck down clams and Penn Cove mussels steamed in salty juices and feast on cracked Dungeness crab from the only live tanks in the market.



Best Dungeness crab around! – Jack’s Fish Spot seems to be a mirror of the Pike’s Place Fish Market at first but what you’ll discover is that it’s much better. Why? Because they actually serve food you can EAT there! That’s right, why just get some seafood to go for home to cook when you can get a fresh steamed Dungeness crab right there! Average weight of the crabs is approx. 2lbs. So darn good. Also, try their Cioppino. It is excellent as well. The only thing that wasn’t too good was the oysters in my opinion. Too much of the sea is not a good thing. Other than that…EXCELLENT food. The seating isn’t wonderful, but hey, how can you get a market feel without sitting in a market! Just like fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco.



Must eat here – I make it a point to never miss eating here while I am in Seattle. In the heart of the Public Market. Wonderfully fresh seafood prepared right there before your very eyes! No frills–just plain good eating and the price is right. Outstanding “steamers” and the fish and chips are great. More of a take-out place than a restaurant: funky counter seating only but it’s part of the experience. Don’t miss it.

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