Jack has just put out 2 new singles! For a taste of his new groove, check out the 30 second samples below.  The full song versions will be available for purchase on iTunes soon!

Nothing New

Sing Your Own Song

Jack released an album in 2005 called love don’t come free on his own label – a freewheeling blast for fans of 80s and 90s bar band bluesy rock and roll covering everything from a Styx-like “memorial day” to the harmonica-driven Stones-inspired “love don’t come free.” Other tracks include a rocking  “natural born man” and last but not least “weeping willow,” the story of an ill-fated love. Click here to order.

He is currently working on a new album with Mark Stewart and a few other Paul Simon band-mates. Mark Steward is a major part of Simon’s studio and touring bands playing guitar, sax, and a host of “self-made” wind and percussion instruments.

Jack's Album

love don’t come free

china town
love don’t come free
i saw u: grand canyon view
heartbreak faster than the speed of sound
fly, fly away
memorial day
natural born man
heart ain’t like a muscle
weeping willow
Click here to order.